Tell Mayor Durkan: Why do you need a repaired West Seattle Bridge?

Click below to upload a quick video on one of our 3 topics explaining why you support repairing the West Seattle Bridge! We'll share your video on our site and show it to Mayor Durkan.


QUESTION #1 — Why do you need the West Seattle Bridge? Tell us your story.

QUESTION #2 — Why is repairing the bridge the safest, best option for your family?

QUESTION #3 — What message do you have for Mayor Durkan regarding the bridge? 

Not sure what to say? Check out these videos from WSBN supporters for inspiration!

  Want some more tips . . . remember, you're speaking directly to the Mayor!

  • Start your video with your first name and your neighborhood.

  • Shoot your video near a window or in a quiet, sunny spot inside your home.  

  • Hold your smart phone vertically, at arms length.

  • Talk directly into the camera.